Dodgy Dealers & Scams



Are you really getting what you paid for?
How about these current scams found at popular tool shops in Sydney:

The disappointment of poor quality stays with you long after the satisfaction of a cheaply paid price.  If something seems to good to be true then it usually is!

Unauthorised Dealers in Tools

There are some very dodgy stores in Sydney selling tools that they are not authorised Dealers for.  So what? You think that if you buy from a tool store then it must have a warranty? You can get it serviced anywhere? Wrong!

There are some tool manufacturers that will sell to almost any store, no matter how bad their reputation.  However,  many of  the  better quality and  reputable companies are very particular about whom they deal with.  They have a good reputation for honesty and quality that they are understandably proud of, so they choose their authorised Dealers carefully.  For example, DeWalt, Panasonic, and Milwaukee do not sell their tools through just any tool store.

What this means for you as a consumer is that if you want to buy a tool and expect to get the manufacturers warranty then you must be able to prove that it was purchased from an authorised Dealer. 

Many people think that if they buy a tool from a tool store then the manufacturer must honour the warranty.  This is only true if purchased from an authorised Dealer because if you have purchased it from a tool store that is not an authorised Dealer then you have just bought a second-hand tool and it has no warranty!  How can that be? The manufacturer originally sold that tool to an authorised Dealer, who has then sold it to someone else - either a private individual or an unauthorised tool store.  The first owner has the warranty - when you buy from them the warranty is not transferrable.  Besides, how do you know that unauthorised tool seller hasn't bought stolen goods, or bought them overseas and sold them on to you? You don't, and neither does the tool manufacturer, so no warranty.

Still don't believe me? 

Here is a letter from Panasonic re no warranty from unauthorised Dealers.

Here is a letter from Makita re no Australian Safety Compliance and no warranty on Imported tools.

Here is a link to Makita's website and their warning regarding buying overseas made Makita products and buying online.

Here is a letter from DeWalt making their position clear.

Here is a letter from Paslode re imported nailguns.

Stores that are not authorised Dealers may have loads of stock on display and branded signage on the outside and inside of their store.  Their web stores will also show lots of tools and have the brand logo displayed - though they are not legally allowed to use them.  So how do you tell if a tool store is an authorised Dealer? You must lookup the tool manufacturers website or phone them.  Our Suppliers page has links to many of the major tool manufacturers sites.

eBay Tool Stores

Power tool manufacturers in Australia sell only to physical, bricks and mortar stores.  They do not deal with Internet only businesses.  Otherwise, anyone could setup a business out of their garage and sell on the Internet.

So, where did the eBay 'Store' get the product from? Has it been originally purchased overseas and imported into Australia? Stolen goods? Faulty goods returned to the manufacturer and 'refurbished' and then sold to a second-hand dealer? 
Then you're buying second-hand goods without a manufacturers warranty.

If you want to guarantee that you receive only Australian compliant tools and your warranty then you must buy only from an authorised Dealer.

Imported Goods

Some tool stores that may or may not be authorised Dealers in a brand of tools import directly from overseas.  That's right, they are authorised Dealers but they are so dodgy they buy non-compliant goods really cheap from overseas, import them into Australia, and sell them to you!  It's important that you understand that they are not buying through the Australian manufacturer of that tool, but buying from an individual or tool store overseas and importing them into Australia without the permission of the Australian manufacturer.  Again, this means you are buying second-hand and non-compliant goods and will not receive a warranty or service in Australia. 

Whats even worse is that the tool you buy probably won't meet Australian safety standards and regulations.  It may not be safe (by Australian standards, which is God's own country, and all that matters). If WorkCover find such a tool on a worksite then you may face a penalty or legal action.

Makita and Paslode are the most imported brands of tools that get brought into Australia - so watch out!

Just because the tool looks the same on the outside does not mean that it is the same tool that you buy in Australia from a reputable tool store.  For example, Paslode nailguns in the USA may look almost identical to the Australian model on the outside, but inside they are a very different tool.  They were made to comply with American laws and safety standards, which are not the same as ours in Australia.  Any Paslode warranty or service agent will be able to tell straight away that it is an imported tool and will refuse to undertake warrany repairs.  Reputable repairers will not even fix the tool if you pay them.  Your choices? Try to get the dodgy tool store you bought it from to fix it (good luck, they are very keen to take your money but warranty claims are another matter), find a backyard repairer that may  do a poor quality job, or you are stuck with a broken and useless tool. 

All genuine Australian Paslode gas nail guns have 'IMPULSE' branded on the side of the gun.  Paslode nail guns made for the American market are branded 'CORDLESS'.