Power Tools - Safety Tips










We all know that men have an obsession with power tools, whether this is true or not, they are both certainly handy to have around, from having a picture hung on the wall or some wood chopped for the fireplace. Then again, power tools can be very dangerous particularly if you dont know how to use them properly, if they arent looked after, or even if they somehow fall into the wrong hands.

Every year there are around 125,000 serious power tool related accidents, taking into account the assortment of blades, drill bits, and rough sanding surfaces that are part of most power tools, then this comes as no surprise. Accidents generally occur from lack of care, inattention and inexperience. These tips will help guard you from an accident or injury when using a power tool.

1. Take regular breaks and this will help your concentration on the job in hand. Ensure you drink plenty of water and stop for a snack as your body works best when it is hydrated and running effectively.

2. Always read through the instruction manual or any guidelines included with the power tool. You may think you know how to use a particular tool but a few minutes checking the instructions could prevent an accident or even a fatality. If you should lose control of a power tool as you are holding it incorrectly, it could result in serious injury or death.

3. Make sure that the area where you are working is set apart and protected against such things as someone suddenly appearing and causing you to jump, which can then cause you to mishandle the tool. If you are intending on working with saws or similar equipment, inform everyone in the area that you are busy using a power tool and are not to be disturbed unexpectedly.

4. Take proper care of your power tools. Not maintaining them can result in rust and grime building up which will ultimately damage sanders, drills, saws, and similar tools. Blades that are dull and blunt can jump and skip which will cause them to cut irregularly, and could well end up in an injury.

5. Always wear the correct protective clothing. DIY power tools are the cause of many accidents, not only cuts or burns. If you are cutting wood then flying debris can hurt your eyes, or loud noise from drills damage your hearing. Try to wear protective glasses or earmuffs at all times to keep yourself safe and unhurt. To prevent other slight cuts or grazes to your skin its best to wear long-sleeved tops and close-toed shoes.

Accidents happen even if you have taken all the precautions you can, read all the guidelines, followed the recommended safety information and are wearing protective clothing from top to toe. There are often things we cannot foresee, such as product malfunction and negligence by those around you.

If someone you know, or you, have been hurt in a power tool accident, there may be a chance you are entitled to financial compensation.


By: Michiel Van Kets