Help me Find My Vax Model Number

You should have no trouble spotting your Vax model number. The Vax model number should be found on the model label sticker on the body of the vacuum.

Vax Repairs from A to Z

Maybe you dropped your vacuum cleaner, and now you need to find a new casing or handle. Or maybe it’s just time to maintain and clean the filters. Whatever repair challenges you currently face, we have you covered with a full stock of spare parts, including maintenance kits, spare parts, air filters, gaskets, and just about everything else you need for your Vax repair.

Why Trust Vax Parts

Vax parts are made of the highest quality raw materials, such as premium grade steel for its motors, giving Vax motors far superior than others.

Top class tools are one of Vax's trophies. Its motors usually have pure magnetic copper wire to make it steady even under extreme conditions. Aside from this, its basic components are composed of finest-grade steel which ensures an efficient current of electricity in order to give maximum for any task. Vax parts also have a cooling system, with fans at the tools to ensure that they are not under extreme pressure from the heat. This makes the Vax tools ideal to use throughout longer periods of time.

Dual ball bearings which are featured in many of Vax parts provide long lasting for the tools. It also gives lesser friction, which gives more efficiency and accuracy with the task at hand. Thicker armature shafts with additional torque make the hard and heavy tasks easy.

The company ensures that all released parts are defect free with its very strenuous testing and quality control of their products, and its nineteen point quality checks on its motors. There are surge durability tests and resistance tests to ensure that the parts can withstand stress and pressure. Gears and other parts are also made to run for a minimum test times to check that everything is up to par with the part specification.

As should be guaranteed, Vax ensures that all parts are fault-free and will function effectively. This ensures that the customers are satisfied, and in the off-chance that they are not, the company offers a money back guarantee.

Tool Spare Parts specialises in online vacuum cleaner parts and accessories sales. We offer a complete selection of Vax parts. We stock a large number of Vax vacuum cleaner parts in our warehouse and we are able to quickly order all non-inventory items. We try to always be accessible to our customers, fair with our policies, and prompt with our services.

We carry only genuine Vax spare parts manufactured to original specifications.

All Vax spare parts can be replaced, thus ensuring tools can be refurbished time after time, making them 'true tools for life'.

Whether you are looking for a Vax replacement switch or a piston, ourVax spare parts service can provide all the quality genuine spare parts for your job. Our experienced parts interpreters are ready to take your call and field to your Vax spare parts enquiry phone or email.

Vax spare part product development always starts with you the user in focus, to make your work less strenuous and more efficient. This is also why every single part in a Vax vacuum cleaner is rigorously tested to ensure it interacts optimally with all the other parts. This interaction produces the reliability and characteristics you have the right to expect from a Vax spare part while proper servicing and using the right parts mean your equipment performs safely, reliably and economically in the long run.

In other words, Genuine Vax Spare Parts and Vax Service allow you to get the most out of your Vax tools.

A machine is only as good as the service it gets. With the right maintenance and genuine Vax spare parts, it will continue to deliver optimum performance for its entire working life.

Vax takes pride in producing high quality replacement parts. All genuineVax parts are engineered and tested to ensure that they not only meet Australian Design Standards but also in many cases exceed them.

Customer satisfaction is our driving force. Genuine Vax parts are designed to meet the highest level of quality expected not only by Vax, but also by our customers.

Our Vax spare parts service can meet all of your Vax replacement parts needs at competitive prices.

This is the place to find the Vax replacement parts you need. Our website is full of original replacement parts for all models both current and past. If there is any Vax part that you cannot find, or if you have any questions you can always call our professional Parts Interpreters to give you the answers you need. Whether you are looking to replace a worn or broken part or just want to complete a service yourself using genuine parts, you have found the right place.

We cater for private individuals up to large organisations and offer a prompt and efficient delivery service throughout Australia.

The professional tools range with numerous new tools meets the highest standards in speed, precision and toughness for professional work results.

Tool Spare Parts keeps spare parts available for at least 10 years. This means that even older tools are ready for use again in the record time.

You will find all of the parts that fit your Vax vacuum cleaner in our spare parts catalogue – even up to ten years after production has been stopped.

Our Vax genuine spare parts are made to a high quality standard and are manufactured precisely.

The use of non genuine spare parts may void the voluntary warranty, and may also result in an inferior spare part being used in your vacuum cleaner. 

Spare parts are the essential parts of a vacuum cleaner. They are components, without which it would not be possible to operate the vacuum cleaner (incl. carbon brush sets, armatures, and switches).

Vax original replacement parts are developed and manufactured together with your vacuum cleaner. They fulfil the same criteria and pass the same tests as parts used in production. These criteria and tests ensure tolerances as well as critical performance characteristics match. Compatibility of the replacement parts to the vacuum cleaner is assured. 

The same precision methods and processes that helped the vacuum cleaner performing to peak potential ensure that each part fits precisely and brings the tool’s performance back to as-new condition. Vax parts continue to be available even after the end o production, so the vacuum cleaner can be kept operational for many years to come.

Connect high performance and precise fit with unparalleled availability and delivery from Vax parts warehouses. You can be sure that the right Vax original spare part will put you back on the job as fast as possible. 

Whether cordless screwdriver, rotary hammer or table saw: here you will find the spare part you need for any vacuum cleaner – top quality, precision workmanship and always a perfect fit. We guarantee you long-term parts availability – even if your vacuum cleaner is no longer in production.

Our Products

Tool Spare Parts now offers well over 250,000 individual machine and vacuum cleaner parts, including parts and accessories for Vax petrol and pneumatic equipment. Our website also includes a comprehensive list of Vax vacuum cleaner breakdown diagrams.

Every part we sell is a genuine, brand new Vax spare part. Specific searches, detailed breakdown pages, and parts photos make finding an item on our website fast and easy.

Vax parts are manufactured with only the highest quality raw materials and are truly built for the duration. Vax builds the longest lasting, most efficient motors complemented with expert working parts to deliver the most professional tools available. For nearly ninety years Vax tools have been revolutionising the way craftsmen work. Built with only the highest performance materials, and with the most compact and efficient design, Vax products have innovated toolboxes and job sites around the world.

Getting the Job Done

It takes focus and planning to deliver quality service, and we want our customers to know where our priorities are.

Tool Spare Parts stands by the following objectives to answer the performance demands of a tough industry.

   1. Real People

Our connection with our customers is the most important facet of our company. We display our phone number and other contact information where it can be seen most easily, because we want our customers to call and hear a real person answer the phone, right here at our store and workshop.

   2. Making a Helpful Website

Our website is designed to get customers what they need when they need it. We know that every minute we spend making our website helpful and pleasant to navigate is time well-spent.

   3. Selection, Inventory, and Volume

We are always increasing our inventory to carry as many parts for as many Vax tools and machines as possible. By making our product selection comprehensive, customers benefit from added convenience and can save on shipping by combining the things they're looking for into one order.

   4. Speed and Accuracy

In-stock inventory items ship fast from Tool Spare Parts. We have several shipping options available to us to get parts to you quickly and securely. Our shipping process is checked and double-checked for speed and accuracy.

   5. Following-Through

We follow through on every order, concern, and question. Our customers come to expect our commitment to work with them until they are fully satisfied and the job is done.


We are located in Melbourne and ship Australia-wide  

Contact Us

Please contact us for your parts orders and we will be happy to offer help and advice.

At Tool Spare Parts our goal is to provide fast, friendly, personal service and quality Vax spare parts and accessories at an affordable price.  The team at Tool Spare Parts look forward to helping you with your spare parts needs.

Feel free to contact us anytime with any questions or concerns.     

We deliver all over Australia.


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